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SEO Services

We can rank your website first in Google for your selected keywords. Our search engine optimisation (SEO) service is designed to help get more online exposure and promote your website. We do this via a variety of methods, but essentially by creating relevant trustworthy links. Links are by far the most important factor when it comes to ranking higher within the major search engines like Google. Not just any old link though, and not in mass either, as this will lead to a Google Penalty. Our method has been tried and tested several hundred times over without fail. That is why you should hire us today and watch your website gain traction like never before! By getting links from valuable related content sources that are trusted from Google's perspective will boost your website up the rankings. As an example, the chances are you found this very website page via a Google search and that is exactly what your potential customers could be doing too. Did you find us from searching for keywords like 'Fife SEO', 'SEO Fife', 'SEO in Fife', 'SEO in Glasgow' or 'Glasgow SEO'?

As a starting point, we will optimise your site to ensure that it ranks first for the brand name or business name. Also derivatives like business name and location. In our case 'Phat Woman Fife' (more about the name later :P).